Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cupcake deliciousness!

Ok, so I promised that I would have something to share with you. I have to tell you, it's hot, I'm sweaty and my oven is NOT going on! I know you can all empathize with me, right?

So I am giving a shout out for all my local friends (sorry far away readers...are there any of you?) of the most delicious cupcakes ever! They are from My Delight Cupcakery and oh my gosh, talk about fun flavors. I got a few different flavors in the mini size just to sample them out. Here's what we had:

Apple Pie. This was my favorite! It had apple pie filling inside and was ooey gooey delish. Not much else to say except it was OMG good.

The Breakfast Cake...oh yeah, that's bacon people! A buttermilk cupcake with bacon, mapley (is that a word?) frosting and crumbled bacon on top. The boys said it tasted like pancakes, bacon and syrup all mixed together. Since I am the type of girl who likes my food separated (except on Thanksgiving but that's a whole other Oprah), this was not my favorite but still good.

Vanilla. Ahhhh vanilla. So boring, so sweet, so freaking delicious! I am telling you, these people have a way of turning boring old vanilla into something worth commiting crime over. Well, probably not the crime thing but this was good too! Vanilla cupcake, vanilla frosting and that cute little flower. Love. It.

I am glad I don't live that close to this place or all my weight loss plans would be foiled. You know, more than they already were with the Almond Joy, popcorn and Diet Dr. Pepper I had at the movies today! :)

Ok, well I am going to sit my fanny down and watch Boston Med on the TiVo. I love that show! Anyone else watching it?

Have a good week!


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  1. I'm all about the bacon! How many points is that?!?!
    Glad you're back and blogging!